Weicon Compressed Air Spray 400ml
QAR 0,00
WEICON Compressed-Air Spray can be used universally, wherever dust cannot be easily removed by conventional methods and on parts which are difficult to reach. It...
3M Temflex Corrosion Protection Tape 1100P (50,8mm x 30,4m x 0,254mm)
QAR 90,00
3M™ Temflex™ Tapes 1100 is made of tough, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), especially formulated for corrosion protection of pipes, conduits and metallic cable jackets against abrasion,...
3M 2228 Moisture sealing electrical tape (25,4mm x 3,02m x 1,65mm)
QAR 70,00
Scotch® Tape 2228 is moisture-resistant and has an aggressive, temperature-stable mastic adhesive that offers excellent adherence. This tape features an ethylene propylene rubber backing and...
CRC Contact Cleaner 500 ml for Electrical Equipment
QAR 38,00
Precision cleaner for sensitive electrical/electronic equipment. Removes light contaminants, dust, dirt, light oils and finger prints. Leaves no residue (Datasheet) (MSDS)
Henkel (Pattex) Seal Bond Fill 280ml
QAR 50,00
Pattex FT 101 MS POLYMER is a single component, Flextec technology neutral sealant. For interior and exterior applications. Used on almost surfaces: wood, concrete, brick,...
3M 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape (0.75in x 66ft x .007in)
QAR 17,00
Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape 35 is a premium-grade, 7-mil thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC) color-coding tape. Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties make this tape excellent for...
Weicon Zinc Spray bright grade 400ml
QAR 0,00
Zinc Spray „bright grade“ is approved by the German TÜV and provides a longlasting cathodic corrosion protection to all metal surfaces. It has a bright...
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