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WEICON Compressed-Air Spray can be used universally, wherever dust cannot be easily removed by conventional methods and on parts which are difficult to reach. It...
Fellowes 250 ml Screen Cleaning Spray
QAR 35,00
Cleans any glass scanner bed, PDA, screen filter, CRT or TFT/LCD monitor and laptop screen Anti static formula helps to eliminate the build up of...
Metal Work Pneumatic solenoid valve coil
QAR 50,00 QAR 95,00
Coil 30 Ø8 3.5VA-220VAC
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Zinc Spray „bright grade“ is approved by the German TÜV and provides a longlasting cathodic corrosion protection to all metal surfaces. It has a bright...
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Precision cleaner for sensitive electrical/electronic equipment. Removes light contaminants, dust, dirt, light oils and finger prints. Leaves no residue (Datasheet) (MSDS)
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