ABB Concrete inspection pit
QAR 0,00
Concrete Inspection Pit for Earth Electrodes, Dimensions 12.60 Inches x 12.60 Inches x 7.56 Inches  
Kingsmill Disconnecting Links
QAR 0,00
Disconnecting Links offer a temporary break in the connection to earth. This allows testing of an Earth Rod whilst disconnecting it from the Lightning Protection System. 
Kingsmill Earth Bars with Single Disconnecting Link
QAR 0,00
The Single Disconnecting Link is mainly used to offer a temporary break in the connection to the earth allowing the inspection and testing of multiple...
Copper Bonded Earth Road (3/4" x 1200mm)
QAR 0,00
Conforms to BS4360 grade 43 Standard
ABB 50x6mm Copper Disconnecting Link
QAR 90,00 QAR 95,00
Disconnecting Link for Copper Earth Bar - Length 125mm, Width 90mm, Height 77mm
Spartan Earth Insulator
QAR 1,50
Material: Operating temperature: -40 to +140C Material: BMC Bough Moulding Compound Insert: Brass, Steel and Zinc Plating (Datasheet)
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