C13499 Band-It VALU-STRAP Band,
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200/300 SS, 1/2" x 0.015" x 100' Light duty stainless steel banding used in applications ranging from strapping to bundling.
BAND IT-201ss band 3/4"
QAR 1.850,00
201 Stainless Steel offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents Utilized in municipal, sign, signal and banner installation as well as hose...
QAR 3,00
Consisting of circular steel band combined with a worm gear fixed to one end. It is designed to hold a soft, pliable hose onto a...
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Capacity: Metric and Imperial Blind Nuts for all materials. SRC-55. Capacity: 2.4mm~4.8mm (3/32"~3/16") blind rivets in all materials. SRC-56. Capacity: 3.2mm~6.4mm (1/8"~1/4")
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 PATTA(4.0*16.0mm),5/32*5/3  Blind Rivet Polished Shot Nails - PATTA is made of genuine aluminum. Easy shot, sticky, not bending. The legs are made of good quality...
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