Berent 60W Electric Soldering Iron
QAR 20,00
Sold Out
Ergonomic cable guide handle Easy winding and rewinding 25m cable  Three sockets Reel Ø 290mm
Dewalt 230MM 2200W Angle Grinder
QAR 0,00
Abrasion protected motor for increased durability Two position side handle allows the user to optimise handle postion to give maxium comfort Spindle lock for quick...
Megger RCD Tester
QAR 2.140,00 QAR 2.675,00
QAR 2.140,00 QAR 2.675,00
Tests standard, Pulsed DC, selective, and programmable RCDs Ramp testing Auto (Remote) testing 3 Phase safe Enables testing on 110 V center tapped supplies.  Tough...
Relite Inspection Lamp
QAR 40,00
Bulb guard with hook 2m of cable E27 Lamp Holder  Type C Plug Standard
Jojo 4 Socket Extension Lead, 5m 13A
QAR 0,00
Made in the UK
Brennenstuhl 110V 16A 2-socket 50m cable reel
QAR 495,00
Ergonomic cable guide handle Easy winding and rewinding 50m plastic cable in yellow colour Twin sockets Reel Ø 240mm
BK Precision Compact Digital Lightmeter
QAR 410,00 QAR 550,00
Vofu LED Emergency Wall Light
QAR 75,00
Kyoritsu Analog Multimeter
QAR 215,00 QAR 285,00
QAR 215,00 QAR 285,00
• Mirrored scale for easy and accurate reading. • Output terminal to cut off DC component when measuring AC voltage. • Safety designed input terminals...
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