Berent 60W Electric Soldering Iron
QAR 20,00
Terminator Soldering Iron Stand
QAR 20,00
Speed 25mm gold plated padlock
QAR 0,00
Made in Italy
Berent Imitate Copper Ironpadlock
QAR 0,00
Blossom 40mm Brass Padlock
QAR 0,00
Function - Open sprung shackle; Brass cylinder; Solid brass body; 3 key; Nickel plated
Klein Tools 4-Piece Mini Screwdriver Set
QAR 0,00
ABC Soldering Tip Cleaner
QAR 20,00
Megger RCD Tester
QAR 2.140,00 QAR 2.675,00
QAR 2.140,00 QAR 2.675,00
Tests standard, Pulsed DC, selective, and programmable RCDs Ramp testing Auto (Remote) testing 3 Phase safe Enables testing on 110 V center tapped supplies.  Tough...
RS Pro Flat Standard Screwdriver 1/8 in Tip
QAR 15,00
Blade Length - 100mm Overall Length - 150mm
Entrelec Oumad Manual Ado Tool
QAR 60,00 QAR 105,00
QAR 60,00 QAR 105,00
Brady 25-65mm Gate Valve Lockout
QAR 50,00 QAR 70,00
QAR 50,00 QAR 70,00
These lockouts are made from a durable polypropylene which is resistant to chemicals, heat and cold
ELAB Conduit Pipe Bending Machine 16-25mm dia
QAR 0,00
Conduit Pipe Bending Machine for 14 to 24 Gauge Aluminium Copper & Steel Pipes complete with formers of 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
Jojo 4 Socket Extension Lead, 5m 13A
QAR 0,00
Made in the UK
Brennenstuhl 110V 16A 2-socket 50m cable reel
QAR 495,00
Ergonomic cable guide handle Easy winding and rewinding 50m plastic cable in yellow colour Twin sockets Reel Ø 240mm
Envo-tite Yellow Anti-Tamper Seal
QAR 2,00 QAR 2,40
Anti-Tamper Seals to show whether a fire extinguisher has been tampered with or not.
Honeywell Switchboard Matting ASTM Class 4 (per/m)
QAR 1.455,00 QAR 1.940,00
Made from high quality Type II material, Class 4 matting is 1/2” thick and tested to 40kV. The matting complies with ASTM D178, Class 4 specifications.  Maximum...
Coruba Ribbed Black Rubber Matting to 1000v Working / 10,000V tested (3mm x 10m)
QAR 0,00
Coruba SM570-00 Fine Ribbed Black EPDM Rubber Matting to IEC61111-2009 Class 0, is a high quality electrical safety matting fully tested to 1,000 volts with regulation...
Metroseal Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to 11,000v (6mm x 10m)
QAR 0,00
SM551 Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to 11,000v is a High Quality matting with the regulation standard, stamped on the reverse of the roll at 1000mm intervals....
Maxiflex  Hand Gloves
QAR 11,00
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