3M 2228 Moisture sealing electrical tape (25,4mm x 3,02m x 1,65mm)
QAR 70,00
Scotch® Tape 2228 is moisture-resistant and has an aggressive, temperature-stable mastic adhesive that offers excellent adherence. This tape features an ethylene propylene rubber backing and...
3M 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape (0.75in x 66ft x .007in)
QAR 17,00
Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape 35 is a premium-grade, 7-mil thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC) color-coding tape. Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties make this tape excellent for...
3M Temflex Corrosion Protection Tape 1100P (50,8mm x 30,4m x 0,254mm)
QAR 90,00
3M™ Temflex™ Tapes 1100 is made of tough, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), especially formulated for corrosion protection of pipes, conduits and metallic cable jackets against abrasion,...
3M Wire Pulling Lubricant gel,  WL-1    (1 Gallon )
QAR 80,00
Low coefficient of friction lessens the chance of cable jacket damage Low residue for easier cable replacement Compatible with a wide range of cable types...
3M Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel, Five Gallons
QAR 200,00
Compatible with a wide range of cable types and jacket materials Temperature range of 20 to 110 degrees F (-6.7 to 43 degrees C)
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