Henkel (Pattex) Seal Bond Fill 280ml
QAR 50,00
Pattex FT 101 MS POLYMER is a single component, Flextec technology neutral sealant. For interior and exterior applications. Used on almost surfaces: wood, concrete, brick,...
Ideal Duct Seal, (2.3 Kg Block)
QAR 0,00
Moisture and air barrier Seals around junction boxes, flashings and service entrances Permanently soft, non-toxic compound can be painted immediately after application Won't adversely affect...
JB-Weld Waterweld Epoxy Putty - 2 oz.
QAR 60,00
WaterWeld™ will plug or seal leaks and patch holes and cracks in almost anything. Ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tub and shower, drains, pool...
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