BAND IT-201ss band 3/4"
QAR 1.850,00
201 Stainless Steel offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents Utilized in municipal, sign, signal and banner installation as well as hose...
Band-it 19.05 x 89 x 0.25mm ID TAG, SS316 (per/pc)
QAR 1,20
Supplied Blank for customer to engrave/print (Datasheet)
Band-it 304 SS Tape Roll for Embossing Tool
QAR 66,00
1/2" x 21' x 0.005"  (Datasheet)
Band-it ID Tag Imprinter Tool with 3/16" character wheel
QAR 13.310,00
Print your own tags on 304 or 316 stainless steel and apply with Tie-Lok® Ties. Tagimprinter is available with a choice of character sizes. (Datasheet)
Band-it SS Tape Embossing Tool
QAR 2.640,00
With the portable tape embossing tool and a roll of stainless steel tape,you can quickly and easily produce I.D. tags with 3/16" letter size (Datasheet)
C13499 Band-It VALU-STRAP Band,
QAR 0,00
200/300 SS, 1/2" x 0.015" x 100' Light duty stainless steel banding used in applications ranging from strapping to bundling.
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