Schneider Exclusive - ceiling rose - 150 W - white
QAR 10,00 QAR 15,00
Tridonic 50V LED Emergency Light Kit
QAR 145,00 QAR 340,00
QAR 145,00 QAR 340,00
EM converterLED BASIC is designed for use in emergency luminaries in conjunction with LED modules and LED control gear from Tridonic and other manufacturers. It...
Daier Indicator Light 220V
QAR 7,00
Schneider Light block for head Ø22, white
QAR 30,00
Integral LED, 240 VAC
Finder Photoelectric sensor
QAR 90,00 QAR 120,00
QAR 90,00 QAR 120,00
- cadmium free  - non polarized  - double insulated with respect to light dependent relay supply - not compatible with old 11.01 and 11.71 light...
Sold Out
400 Watts Main Lumen  120 Watts Emergency Lumens  IP65
Selex SWP 1x36W Weatherproof Fixture
QAR 0,00
T8 Fluorescent tube (not included) IP65 Rating  
Zalux PEP 2x18W Weathrproof Fixture
QAR 0,00
Made in Spain
Philips TMS012 2x36W fixture
QAR 0,00
TMS012 2xTL-D36W I 240V-50Hz
Cooper Non-Maintained emergency bulkhead Light
QAR 0,00
8 Watts ; 8 W Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting 
Legrand Weather Protected Triple Pole Isolator Switch
QAR 0,00
63A 440V a.c. IP65 M180 / Grey
Relite Inspection Lamp
QAR 40,00
Bulb guard with hook 2m of cable E27 Lamp Holder  Type C Plug Standard
Relite E27 Ceramic Holder
QAR 0,00
With elbow mounting bracket and earthing point
Camsco 12V DC Amber Revolving Warning Light
QAR 0,00
Revol Ving 24V Amber Warning Light
QAR 0,00
Tobin 240V Amber Xenon Strobe Light
QAR 0,00
Hard wired70 Flashes per minute100mm base x 79mm top to bottom
Nanzhou 220VAC Φ120-Mini Warning Light
QAR 0,00
High brightness LED light tube light source life of 50,000 hours, saving energy, low heat, no maintenance; Steady / LED rotating, flashing functions Optional; flash...
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