Weicon Anti-Seize Spray Can 400ml
QAR 0,00
WEICON Anti-Seize Assembly Spray is high temperature resistant and has excellent separating characteristics. WEICON Anti-Seize is used as a protecting, separating and lubricating agent for...
Weicon Brushable Zinc Coating 2.5 Litres
QAR 525,00
WEICON Brushable Liquid Zinc Coating provides active protection against corrosion for all metallic surfaces. With Brushable Liquid Zinc Coating, flaky metal pigments settle parallel to...
Weicon Zinc Spray bright grade 400ml
QAR 28,00
Zinc Spray „bright grade“ is approved by the German TÜV and provides a longlasting cathodic corrosion protection to all metal surfaces. It has a bright...
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